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Have your own design and need an expert programmer? Look no further.

Built It. The We Are APK Media Company website is another collaboration with our partner Bobby Lapointe. We had a great time building this one because Bobby’s awesome custom design allowed us to integrate some exciting Java and CSS3 features that browsers can now support. It was very gratifying to build a site whose design and function could match the […]

Built It. The very cool Artifacts 20th Century Furniture Store website was built from scratch by Park Place Web Design. It was designed by our frequent partner, Bobby Lapointe from b design studios. The exciting part of this project for us was not only realizing Bobby’s design with the multiple category thumbnail grid gallery for the inventory, but doing some […]

Built it. Designed by our partner Bobby Lapointe, cinematographer and camera operator Jonathan Nastasi’s site showcases the variety of mediums and styles of his work using a very simple layout. Park Place Web Design did all the php coding for this custom WordPress Template.  Jonathan regularly updates his diverse portfolios to reflect his most recent projects. jonathannastasi.com

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    Park Place Web Design is a full service web design studio specializing in designing and building custom, beautiful, tailormade websites for corporate, small business and non-profit clients who desire the ability to update their website themselves.